Ksenia Kovalenko is a Russian model born in Birobidzhán (Siberia).

She studied Classical Ballet and painting from a young age in her hometown in Russia.

In Barcelona, she studies Classical Dance, Jazz and Musical Theatre until 2015. That same year, she moves to Madrid and appears in the music video «Frenéticos» of the group Gremio DC.

The following two years she walks for brands such as Howard’s Bay, Aramat and Charlotte Odil.

In 2017 she returns to Barcelona to take care of her mother and despite dedicating herself completely to it for the next three years, in 2018 she appears in another music video «Sed de ti», this time for the music group «Nipels».

At the beginning of 2022 she appears in the TV program «Tony Rovira y tú» walking for the Mexican brand «La Teca de Oro».

She is currently the official model of the Italian designer Marianna Piccolo and the Spanish designer Gonzalo Coloma.